1891. Lesion of inferior frontal gyrus causes ______.

A. Defect in articulation
B. Motor aphasia *
C. Incomprehension of spoken language
D. Incomprehension of written language.

1892. Recurrence of lesion after renal transplant is in all except______.

A. Alpert’s syndrome *
B. Good pasture’s syndrome
D. Diabetic nephropathy

1893. Most common cause of viral meningitis is _________.

A. Entero virus *
B. Echo Virus
C. Coxsackie virus
D. Arena Virus

1894. Treatment of HOCM is all except _______.

A. Entero virus
B. Beta agonist *
C. Betablocker
D. Dual chamber pacing

1895. See-Saw nystagmus is seen in _________-.

A. Medullary lesion
B. Pontine lesion
C. Thalmic lesion *

1896. True of primary hyperparathyroidism is ________.

A. Hypotension
B. Recurrent abortion
C. Neuro psychiatric changes *
D. Gall stones

1897. All are true of plummer vinson syndrome except _______.

A. Esophageal web
B. Premalignant
C. Common to elderly *
D. Dysphagia

1898. In duchenne muscular dystrophy the muscle not involved is ______.

A. Gastrocnemius
B. Vastus medialis
C. Brachioradialis *
D. Infraspinatus

1899. Spontaneous rupture of spleen is seen in __________.

B. Infectious mononucleosis *
C. Hereditary spherocytosis
D. Polycythemia vera

1900. Anaemia of rheumatoid arthritis is __________.

A. Normocytic hypochromic *
B. Microcytic hypochromic
C. Normocytic hypochromic
D. Macrocytic hypochromic