1651. Following are seen in hemolytic uremic syndrome except________.

A. Uremia
B. Thrombocytopenia
C. Comb’s Positive Haemolysis *
D. Reduced fibrinogen

1652. In external cardiac massage sternum be depressed by________.

A. 1-1.5 inch
B. 1.5-2 inch
C. 2-2.5 inch *
D. 3- 4 inch

1653. Intestinal hypomotility is seen in all except___________.

A. Diabetes
C. Amyloidosis
D. Tuberculosis *

1654. Bitemporal hemianopia occurs with _________.

A. Aneurysm of circle of willis *
B. Frontal lobe tumor
C. Optic glioma
D. Anterior cerebral thrombosis.

1655. Reversed splitting of S2 is seen in all except_______

C. ASD *
D. Hypertension

1656. Sertoli cells secrete________.

A. Androstenodione
B. Testosterone
C. Inhibin *
D. Estrogen

1657. Henoch sconlein purpura is characterised by all except________.

A. Thrombocytopenia *
B. Arthralgia
C. Glomerulonephritis
D. Abdominal Pain

1658. The organism causing Osteomyelitis is sickle cell anaemia is ______.

A. Salmonella *
B. Staphylococcus
C. H. Influenza
D. E.coli

1659. Orthoboric oxygen is used in__________.

A. Anaerobic infection
B. Gangrene
C. CO Poisoning
D. Ventilation Failure *

1660. For myocardium, the Major substrate for energy is _________.

A. Amino acid
B. Fatty acid *
C. Glucose
D. Lactate