1081. In Takayama test, Which of the following is seen undere microscope.

A. Yellow brown rhomboid crystals
B. Yellow needle shapped crystals
C. Pink feathery structure *
D. Spherical grannule

1082. Medical negligence falls under _______.

A. Sec-304
B. Ipc-312
C. Ipc-351 *
D. Indian contract act.

1083. Regarding poisonous snakes all are true except___________.

A. Incomplete belly scales *
B. 3rd labial touches the eye
C. 4th infralabial is biggest
D. Middle scales hexagonal

1084. Postmortam burn findings are all except .

A. Redline of demarcation
B. Vesicl fromation
C. No albuminous material
D. Increased enzymatic activity *

1085. Cutis anserina is seen is ________.

A. Hanging
B. Burn
C. Strangulation
D. Drowning *

1086. Pralixodime is not useful in poisoning with _________.

A. Endrin *
B. Malathion
C. Parathion

1087. Cephalic index helps in identification of _________.

B. Race *
C. Sex
D. Religion

1088. Macewan’s sign is seen in poisoning of ____________.

A. Alcohol *
B. Arsenic
C. Cyanide
D. Lead

1089. ” Hatter’s shake” is seen in poisoning of _________.

A. Arsenic
B. Lead
C. Mercury *
D. Phosphorus