3101. Cognition is related to :

A. Thought *
B. Memory
C. Perception
D. Dreams

3102. Withdrawl symptoms may need treatment in all except :

A. Alcohol
B. Barbiturate
C. Canabis
D. Opium

3103. Nihilistic delusion is common to :

A. Depression
B. Schizophrenia *
C. Mania
D. Bipolar disorder

3104. Tardive dyskinesia is seen with :

A. Fluoxetine
B. Haloperidol
C. Clozapine
D. Doxepin

3105. All the following are seen in dissociate disorder except :

A. Amnesia
B. Fugue
C. Tremor
D. Orthostatic hypotension *

3106. Which of the following is due to anticholinergic side effect of antidepressant :

A. Retention of urine *
B. Tremor
C. Orthostatic hypotension
D. Sedation

3107. Not a feature of alcohol withdrawal syndrome is :

A. Hallucination
B. Somnolence *
C. Seizure
D. Restlessness

3108. First rank symptoms in schizophrenia are all except :

A. Somatic passivity
B. Primary delusionC
C. Auditory halluination
D. Depersonalization *

3109. Not a feature of neuroleptic malignant syndrome is :

A. Autonomic dysfunction
B. Loss of consciousness
C. Catatonia
D. Hypothermia *

3110. Flash back phenomenon is seen with use of :

B. Psilocybin
C. Canabis
D. All of the above *