1761. Patient aged 40 Years having arthritis of PIP and DIP joints along with carpometacarpal joint of thumb with sparing of wrist and MCP joint diagnosis likely____.

A. Osteoarthritis *
B. Psoriatic arthropathy
D. Gout

1762. Woman of 35 years with Raynaud’s phenomenon ,Sclerodactily, poly arthritis and dysphagia with positive anti centromere antibody is suffering from_______.

B. SLE *

1763. A 45 Years person having vomiting of food particle eaten few days before,foul breath and dysphagia for solid is suffering from_______.

A. Zenker’s diverticulum *
B. Achalasia
C. Scleroderma
D. Diabetic gastroparesis

1764. Rugger Jersey spine seen in CRF is becuase of _______.

A. Hyper Parathroidism *
B. Osteoporosis
C. Osteomalacia
D. Aluminium induced

1765. Gastric Mucosa is Meckel’s diverticulum is diagnosed by ______.

A. Upper GI endoscopy *
B. Colonoscopy
C. Technetium scan
D. Occult Blood

1766. Aphasia most common metabolic encephalopathies is _______.

A. Anomic *
B. Broca’s
C. Transcortical motor
D. Transcortical sensory

1767. A symptomic 35 years old male is having hypercalciuria- likely cause is _________.

A. Occult metastasis
B. Familial hypocalcemic hypercalciuria
C. Primary hyper parathyroidism *
D. Milk alkali syndrome

1768. 35 years old man in having episodes of vomiting, photophobia, unilateral pulsatile headache, most likely cause_______.

A. Cluster headache
B. Tension headache
C. Acute congestive glaucoma *
D. Giant cell arteritis

1769. Osteoporosis is caused by all except_______.

A. Old age
B. Steroid therapy
C. Sarcoidosis
D. Hypoparathyroidism *

1770. Platelet transfusion is not indicated in _____.

A. Dilutional thrombocytopenia *
B. Immunogenic thromboyctopenia
C. Aplastic anaemia