2561. What is true of spina bifida ___________.

A. Familia tendency
B. Common in lumbosacral region
C. Meningocele often associated
D. All of the above *

2562. Breech delivery is commonly associated with ___________.

A. Klumpke’s palsy *
B. Erb’s palsy
C. Median palsy
D. All of the above

2563. C3C6 roots are involved in ___________.

A. Klumpke’s Palsy
B. Erb’s Palsy *
C. Median Palsy
D. All of the above

2564. Which of the following is not a feature of Erb’s palsy________.

A. Adduction of arm
B. Pronation
C. Flexion at elbow *
D. Internal rotation

2565. Fracture involving which part of humerus can cause delayed ulnar palsy________.

A. Shaft
B. Surgical neck
C. Medial epicondyle
D. Lateral epicondyle *

2566. All of the following occur in ulnar nerve palsy except __________.

A. Claw hand
B. Ape thumb
C. Madelung deformity *
D. Formant’s sign

2567. Which of the following is a purely motor nerve __________.

A. Radial *
B. Ulnar
C. Median
D. None of the above

2568. Sciatic nerve injury results in all except _________.

A. Foot drop
B. Quadriceps atrophy *
C. Weak knee flexon
D. Trophic ulcers

2569. The commonest complication of colles fracture is __________.

A. Nerve Injury
B. Delayed union
C. Sudek’s atrophy
D. Stiff’s shoulder *

2570. Colle’s fracture can be complicated by late rupture of ___________.

A. Extensor pollicis longus *
B. Abductor pollicis longus
C. Adductor Pollicis longus
D. Flexor pollicis longus