1071. First evidence of postmortem putrefaction is _______.

A. Puffiness of face
B. Bullous lesion
C. Scaling of face
D. Discolouration of right iliac fossa *

1072. Sex Chromotin is looked for in___________.

A. Lymphocyte
B. Neutrophil
C. Monocyte
D. All of the above *

1073. Widmark’s formula is for estimation of ________.

A. Alcohol *
B. Arsenic
C. Cyanide

1074. Pond’s fracture is common in _________.

A. Adult
B. Adolescent
C. Child *

1075. Eonism is ____________.

A. Inter course with animal
B. Female homo sexualism
C. Desire to identify with opposite sex *
D. Intersex.

1076.Res ipsa liquitor means_________.

A. Negligence of surgeon
B. Liability in negligence
C. Punishment of negligence
D. Evidence speaks of itself. *

1077. For age determination of 21 years old female xray be done of __________.

A. Elbow and shoulder
B. Clavicle and iliac crest *
C. Knee and hip
D. Wrist

1078. Fatal dose of methanol is _________.

A. 15 ML
B. 30-60 ML *
C. 60-250 ML
D. 250-500 ML

1079. Haemodialysis is useful in all except_________.

A. Cocaine
B. Cannabis
C. Kerosine Oil *
D. Chloral hydrate

1080. Absent gramented medullah of hair indicates all except________.

A. Mongols
B. Negroid *
C. Caucasian
D. Servo crotarian