191. Iron is stored in_______________?
B. Reticule endothelial system
C. Plasma
D. All

192. AB blood group antigen are known as ________ factors?
A. Duffy
B. Landsteiner
C. Rhesus
D. Lutheran

193. Patient with anemia tends to have all, except________________?
A. Compensatory increase in cardiac output
B. Increased incidence of heart murmurs
C. Pallor of mucous membranes
D. A low PO2 in arterial blood

194. The function common to neutrophils, monocytes & macrophages is______________?
A. Immune response
B. Phagocytosis
C. Liberation of histamine
D. Destruction of old erythrocytes

195. CO2 is carried in the blood________________?
A. In combination with hemoglobin
B. In physical solution in plasma
C. In combination with plasma proteins
D. All of the above

196. Acute bacterial pyogenic infection manifests as_________________?
A. Leukopenia
B. Leukocytosis
C. Neutropenia
D. Lymphopenia

197. The normal A/G ratio in blood is______________?
A. 5:1
B. 2:1
C. 1:2
D. 1:1

198. The biological anticoagulant is________________?
B. Sodium citrate
C. Hirundine
D. Double oxalate mixture

199. Plasma thromboplastin antecedent is______________?
A. Anti-hemophiliac – A factor
B. Anti-hemophiliac – B factor
C. Anti-hemophiliac – C factor
D. Anti-hemophiliac – F factor

200. The principal site for granulocytic hemopoiesis in the adult human is________________?
A. The liver
B. The spleen
C. Red bone marrow
D. Yellow bone marrow