2661. Which percent of total body calcium is stored in bone _______.

A. 50 %
B. 75 %
C. 90 %
D. 99 % *

2662. The enzyme found in osteoclasts but not in osteoblasts is _________.

A. Alkaline phosphatase
B. Acid Phosphatase *
C. Elastage
D. Cytochrome oxidase

2663. Skeletal maturation is mostly dependent upon_________.

B. T3-T4 *
C. Testoserone

2664. Haversian canals contain___________.

A. Arteriole , Venule and lympathic
B. Arteriole and venule
C. Arteriole, venule, lymphatic and nerve fibre *
D. Only a capillary

2665. In the growing epiphyseal plate bone is laid down upon________.

A. Proliferating cartilage
B. Resting cartilage
C. Acellular cartilage *
D. Avascular cartilage

2666. Characteristics of synovial fluid include all except _________.

A. A dialysate of plasma
B. Contains fibrinolysin
C. Chloride and bicarbonate concentration higher than plasma
D. More uric acid level than of plasma *

2667. Congenital club foot deformity involves ________.

A. Forefoot ,tarsus and ankle
B. Forefoot and tarsus
C. Tarsal and metatarsals
D. Foot,ankle leg *

2668. The treatment of clubfoot should best begin at _________.

A. Day of birth *
B. One month
C. Three month of age
D. Six month of age

2669. The sign of congenital dislocation of hip is ___________.

A. Telescopic sign
B. Ortolani’s sign *
C. Galeazzi’s sign
D. None of the above

2670. Webbing of the neck with block fusion of lower cervical vertebrae in a child is known as _______.

A. Platybasia
B. Klipel feil syndrome *
C. Pyle’s disease
D. None of the above