1931. Reverse transcriptase is known as _________.

A. RNA dependent DNA polymerase *
B. RNA dependent RNA polymerase
C. DNA dependent RNA polymerase
D. DNA dependent DNA polymerase

1932. The antidepressant can produce tardive dyskinesia is _______.

A. Amoxapine
B. Trazodone *
C. Clomipramine
D. Bupropion

1933. In solitary pulmonary nodule popcorn calcification indicates_____.

A. Benign lesion *
B. Potentially malignant lesion
C. Malignant lesion
D. Highly malignant lesion

1934. Middle meningeal artery tear causes _______.

A. Subdural haematoma
B. Intracerebral haematoma
C. Epidural haematoma *
D. Subarachnoid bleed.

1935. Rain drop skin pigmentation is in _______.

A. Lead poisoning
B. Arsenic poisoning *
C. Mercury poisoning
D. Bella don poisoning

1936. Akathisia is a complication of ____________.

A. Antibiotic
B. Antiallegic
C. Antipsychotic *
D. Antihypertensives

1937. Bitemporal hemianopia is due to lesion of _______.

A. Optic Nerve
B. Optic tract
C. Chiasma *
D. Optic radiation

1938. Hard tick transmits__________.

A. Viral hemorrhagic fever *
B. Rickettsial pox
C. Scrub typhus
D. Relapsing fever

1939. Endemic haemoptysis occurs in _________.

A. Tuberculosis
B. Mitral stenosis
C. Paragonimiasis *
D. Aspergillosis

1940. All are true of dengue fever except ________.

A. Saddle back fever
B. Bradycardia
C. Leukocytosis *
D. Cervical adenitis