2101. Fragile x syndrome is characterised by all except _______.

A. Long face
B. Large ear
C. Large nose
D. Large testis *

2102. Triple test for down’s syndrome include all except _______.

B. A fetoprotein
C. HPL *
D. Estriol

2103. Phototherapy in cencorjugated bilirubineria is indicated when serum belirubin is above _____.

A. 9 mg %
B. 12 mg %
C. 15 mg % *
D. CSM mg %

2104. Hiv infection in children _______.

A. Diarrhoea due to cryptococcus
B. Kaposi sarcoma
C. Recurrent candidiasis
D. Recurrent chest infection with a typical organism . *

2105. Investigation of choice in VUR________.

C. MCU *
D. DTPA scan

2106. Gonads have to be removed is ________.

A. Gonadal dysgenesis *
B. Turener syndrome
C. Kjalman’s syndrome
D. None .

2107. Defective hepatic conjugation is seen in all except ________.

A. Neonatal jaundice
B. Gilbert
C. Criggler Nojjar
D. None *

2108. Most common cause of death in children with conginital diaphragmatic hernia is ________.

A. Pulmonary hypoplasia *
B. Intestinal obstruction
C. Associated malformation
D. Septicemia

2109. Common cause of UTI the children ________.

A. Bladder stone
B. Ureteric anomaly
C. Polycystic kidney
D. Vesicoureteric reflux *

2110. Ocular manifestations of AIDS is _________.

A. Anterior uveitis
B. Chorioretinitis
C. Membranous conjunctivitis
D. Dacryoadenitis *