2311. True of carcino embryogeni antigen are all except ______.

A. Glycoprotein
B. Raised in colon cancer
C. Reappearance indicates recurrence
D. All are true *

2312. Renal artery stenosis in young female is most likely due to _______.

A. Atherosclerosis
B. Hilar mass
C. Fibromuscular dysplasia *
D. Birth trauma

2313. Common site for esophageal perforation is _________.

A. Esophago gastric junction
B. Above aortic arch
C. Below aortic arch
D. Cervical esophagus *

2314. Most common presentation of hyperpara thyroidism is _______.

A. Renal stone *
B. Neck mass
C. Paraplegia
D. Convulsion

2315. Most common viral tumor is _________.

A. Papilloma
B. Burkitt’s lymphoma
C. Wart *
D. Nasopharynge cancer

2316. Renal tumor of multicentric origin is _____________.

A. Wilm’s tumor *
B. Hypernephroma
C. Transitional cell cancer

2317. The myectomy will lead to ________.

A. Myasthenia
B. Autoimmune disorder
C. Bitter survival of transplant *
D. None of the above

2318. Hyperkeratosis of palms and soles occurs in carcinoma of _____.

A. Esophagus *
B. Colon
C. Stomach
D. Lung

2319. Chemo sensitive tumors are all except __________.

A. Osteosarcoma
B. Breast cancer
C. Cervical cancer *
D. Ewing sarcoma

2320. True of Bochdalek hernia is _________.

A. Common on right side
B. Anterior in position
C. Associated with lung hypoplasia *
D. Confused with pleuro pericardial cyst