491. Treatment for verrucous carcinoma is_______________?
A. Surgery + radiotherapy
B. Excision
C. Laser technique
D. Alpha (a) interferon

492. Which of the following is not a type of leukoplakia______________?
A. Ulcerative
B. Bullous
C. Speckled
D. Homogenous

493. Benign tumor which shows metastasis_____________?
A. Warthin’s tumor
B. Ameloblastoma
C. Keratoacanthoma
D. Neurofibroma

494. Lateral skull view of palatal tori is used to know______________?
A. Extent
B. Pneumatization
C. Bone pattern
D. Location

495. Presence of Epstein Barr virus in hairy leukoplakia can be demonstrated using following methods EXCEPT_____________?
A. Tzanck smear
B. Polymerase chain reaction
C. In situ hybridization
D. Electron microscopy

496. Hairy leukoplakia is associated with all of the following EXCEPT_____________?
A. Filiform to flat patch on lateral tongue
B. Bilateral appearance
C. Epstein Barr virus

497. Oral ulceration resembling Aphthae are encountered in____________?
A. Gluten enteropathy
B. Chronic smokers
C. Excess of B-complex
D. Anti-malarial medication

498. Brachytherapy means ___________?
A. Chemotherapy
B. Radiation administered interstitially through catheters
C. Lasers
D. Radiation involving normal tissues

499. Commonest site of carcinoma of tongue____________?
A. Posterior one third
B. Ventral surface
C. Tip of tongue
D. Lateral margin

500. A patient with carcinoma cheek has tumor of 2.5 cms located close to and involving the lower alveolus. A single mobile homolateral node measuring node measuring 6 cm is palpable. Based on these clinical findings TNM stage of the tumor is______________?
A. T1 N1 Mo
B. T2 N2 Mo
C. T3 N1 Mo
D. T4 N2 Mo