2921. Investigation for optic nerve damage is ____________.

A. Perimetry *
C. Fluorescein angiography
D. Ophthalmoscopy

2922. Is open angle glaumo, investigation least helpful is ___________.

A. Tonometry
B. Perimetry
C. Indirect Ophthalmoscopy *
D. Direct Ophthalmoscopy

2923. Most important factor influencing convergence of light rays on retina is __________.

A. Lenght of eyeball
B. Curvature of cornea *
C. Diopter power of lens
D. Physical state of vitreous

2924. Which virus does not infect eyes_________.

A. Adeno Virus
B. Herpes Virus
C. Influenza Virus *
D. Echo Virus

2925. Glaucoma due to increased aqueous formation is due to all except _____.

A. Steroid *
B. Toxic
C. Neovascular
D. Buphthalmos

2926. Which drug causes blebs in conjunctiva ________.

A. Pilocarpine *
B. Phenylephrine
C. Atropine
D. Homatropine

2927. In soft lens users, infection common is _________.

A. Pneumococcus
B. Staph aureus *
C. Pseudomonas
D. Listeria

2928. Drugs used in glaucoma are all except ________.

A. Atropine *
B. Pilocarpine
C. Levobunolol
D. Carterol

2929. Intra ocular pressure increases with administration of _________.

A. Pancuronium
B. Succinyl choline *
C. Gallamine
D. All of the above

2930. Axial lenght of eye in myopia is _________.

A. Normal
B. Increased *
C. Decreased