891. The process of recesses formation in maxillary sinus is most frequently seen with________________?
A. Zygomatic process
B. Frontal process
C. Alveolar process
D. Palatine process

892. Haversian systems (osteons) are found primarily in the_________________?
A. Spongy bone
B. Periosteum
C. Alveolar bone proper
D. Endosteum

893. Alveolar bone proper is also known as: or Which of the following is seen as lamina dura in an IOPA radiograph ?
A. Lamina lucida
B. Lamina densa
C. Lamina propria
D. Lamina dura

894. Basic metabolic unit of bone is_______________?
A. Osteon
B. Osteoblast
C. Osteocyte
D. Osteoclast

895. The normal pH of the saliva is about_____________?
A. 5.5
B. 9.5
C. 7.5
D. 8.5

896. Mandible develops by______________?
A. Endochondral ossification only
B. Membranous ossification only
C. Both of the above
D. None of the above

897. The marrow found in the mandible is____________?
A. All fatty marrow
B. All red marrow
C. All fibrous marrow
D. A combination of fatty and fibrous marrow

898. Reversal lines which may be seen on the cribriform plate (alveolar bone proper) of the alveolar process indicate the cessation of____________?
A. Osteoblastic activity
B. Osteoclastic activity
C. Myeloid activity
D. Healing activity

899. Organ of chievity is seen near the______________?
A. Medial surface of the mandible
B. Naso palatine foramen
C. Mental foramen
D. Foramen caecum

900. The maxillary sinus______________?
A. Opens in to the inferior meatus of nose
B. Has the 1st molar projecting into its floor
C. Is fully developed by the age of 8 years
D. Has good drainage in upright position