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Academic Task’s mission is to assist you in all your writing tasks. We believe it is our job to provide you with stellar academic as well as non-academic content that stands out and makes you proud. Writing is an art, and we at Academic Task know it is not easy to write a perfect, top-notch paper for everyone. Academic Task strives for perfection, and so we have different writers for different knowledge areas and genres. We cater to all types of writings; be it college essays, dissertations, stories, assignments, etc.

Academic Task makes sure to never compromise on the quality of writing or content. Our quality team first analyses the given task, assess our writers’ group for the required knowledge and chooses writers that we are sure will produce a 100% result on that particular topic. All of the writers specialize in 4-6 disciplines, and we know how to utilize them accurately and efficiently.

Need Help in Academic Writing?

Have you ever found yourself stuck while doing assignment; you think you know what you want to write, but when you get your laptop to write it, you are at a loss for words. Have you ever found yourself in a position where you have too many tasks at hand and too little time? You feel like juggling them is no longer possible for you. If yes, then you need to stop worrying, as academictask here to help you. Academic Task is here to dissolve all your worries!

Why Us?

Academic tasks have the most proficient, enthusiastic, experienced, talented and dedicated writers on our team. These writers make sure that your work has no discrepancies, match your requirements and are outclass. Academic Task believes in perfection, and thus, our team of writers thoroughly proof-read their work before delivering it to you. We have specialized writers for the different categories of writing. For instance, we are aware that the needs for a business plan are different from that of a dissertation. And so, have separate writers to cater to each domain.

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What do we offer?

We offer client satisfaction. We offer to take the burden off your shoulders, provide you with research paper writing services, do your homework, case study, create your lab report writing, or even generate personal statements for you. These are but a few types of writings that we cater to! No matter what kind of academic, professional or personal content you need, academictask will write it for you.

We also offer you the service of live chatting with our customer support so you can inquire about any query you have.

Our Goal:

Academic task is to help you save time while ensuring that you get that A+ grade you want! In today’s world of the hustle and bustle, we have a lot of pressure to meet several deadlines at once, and this stresses us out. Time is of the essence, and by helping you with your tasks, we save your time and effort. Because of the team of experts that we have, we also ensure that your academic tasks are handled by the best possible people and will bring out the best possible results.

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What your deliverable will entail?

All the deliverables you receive will have the following attributes:

  • Zero- Plagiarism:  We have a firm policy against plagiarism at Academic tasks. We offer you zero-per cent plagiarized assignments and tasks. Being well aware of the tools and technologies now prevalent in the academic world to check plagiarism, we make sure that your paper is zero per cent copied from elsewhere.
  • Formatting: Our work is always well-structured, aptly formatted, and meets the professional standards. We make sure that it manages to appeal to the readers.
  • Research: We research from multiple sources, ensure their credibility, and then use them to write your research papers. For a winning paper, research is critical, and Academic Task wants you to win!
  • Grammar: Our work is grammatically articulate, meeting the standard English criteria.  We know the difference a single tense can make in a sentence, and thus, remain wary of incorrect usage of grammar.
  • Punctuation: Punctuation marks can change the entire meaning of a sentence if placed incorrectly. Thus, our writers make sure that the punctuation they have used accurately depicts the purpose of their sentences.
  • Citations: Our writers always cite any work that requires research. Our writers are professional, know the copyright laws, and abide by them.
  • Sentence Structure: Sentence structure is of utmost importance for a well-written piece of work, be it a biography or a scholarship essay. Academictask writers take care that their sentences meet all the professional requirements.



Reading and Understanding literature requires more time and effort. Literature writing requires practice, vocabulary, and experience. When one is to write a literary analysis, it does not mean to write a summary of the literary work or poem. All these details are kept under consideration by our experienced writers.


Psychology is a subject that checks how good you are at reading subtle and subliminal messages. If you find it confusing, and hard to tackle , don’t worry as we are here to help you write any paper on the subject!


Writing papers of sociology requires you to understand and explain the way individuals interact with one another and in groups, and it can be an exhausting task! We want you to relax and do the tiring task for you!


Law is perhaps one of the most complicated disciplines to write on. Establishing a viewpoint, arguing soundly about it and understanding other’s arguments too is not everyone’s cup of tea. Furthermore, it is not easy to be able to keep up with the legal facts and patterns, but we can do it for you!


Managing money, making financial statements, drafting estimates is not everyone’s specialty. We have writers with strong backgrounds in the field who can assist you with the work and deliver a 1st class assignment in any subject you want.


Business papers require thorough research and understanding. Not only do our writers conduct in-depth research on their assigned topics, they only undertake the task after understanding your requirements 100%.

Computer Science

Understanding algorithms, computer jargon, and writing on the subject is not a walk in the park. Writing papers of nature is, therefore, just as hard. But you don’t need to worry about as we have experts to do work for you, with 100% accuracy.Assignment writing, essay writing,college homework help.


Medical jargons tend to boggle a lot of minds, and thus, writing essays or doing tasks related to the school of nursing can be difficult. Allow us to ease your difficulty, and write it, with perfection for you!

Political Science

Being well informed of world politics, having a good grip on the views held by different countries is not very easy. Studying the  political process in detail and writing about can be done with perfection by our talented writers.


You need to follow a few easy steps to place your order and then sit back and wait for the magic to happen!


Select ‘Order Now’ from the horizontal menu displayed at the top of the homepage.


Fill the form on the page by entering your basic information and the details of your project


Attach the instructions form, if you have any, by clicking on the choose files button. Click on the Send button to submit us your request.


A confirmation email will be sent to you along with the payment instructions for the order to be accepted.

So, if you want to buy dissertations or want to avail assignment writing services, all you need to do is make a few clicks, and academic tasks writing expert will be at your service. Our dissertation writers, speech writers, white-paper writers will be happy to help you. You can get all the essay writing help you need here!


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Delivery is fast, always by the deadline. The last work on Literature was analysed too well. Hope to get the same good papers with every next order.

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I was about to miss my essay deadline, so I decided to get some help online. Chose this site and liked it! My writer was a professional. They managed to write a decent paper in less than 3 hours, and I got 95% on it! Will continue to use this site in future, for sure

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I have used quite a few essay writing services, but this site is absolutely the best so far! Their writer accurately follows all my initial instructions and implement minor changes to the first draft very quickly. I am definitely going to use this service again.