3061. IUCD Cu 380 A needs change after :

A. 4 Years
B. 5 Years
C. 10 Years *
D. 20 Years

3062. Use of low molecular weight heparin during pregnancy produces :

A. Cranio facial abnormality
B. Renal malformation
C. Cardiac malformation
D. None of the above *

3063. Placenta praevia is associated with all except :

A. Large Placenta
B. Multiple pregnancy
C. Multigravida
D. Young primi *

3064. Most important for convergence of light rays on retina is :

A. Corneal curvature
B. Power of lens
C. Length of eye ball *
D. Viscosity of vitreous

3065. Left homonymous hemianpia with superior quadran-tanopia is due to lesion of :

A. Left temporal lobe *
B. Right temporal lobe
C. Optic chiasma
D. Right parietal lobe

3066. The test for function of optic nerve is :

A. Perimetry *
B. Fluoroscein angiography
C. Ophthalmometry
D. Direct Ophthalmoscopy

3067. Abducent palsy causes :

A. Crossed diplopia *
B. Uncrossed Diplopia
C. Periodic diplopia
D. No diplopia

3068. All are feature of Meniere’s disease except :

A. Tinnitus
B. Vertigo
C. Nystagmus *
D. Deafness

3069. Membranous pharyngitis is caused by all except :

A. Adeno virus *
B. Infectious mononucleosis
C. Ludwig’s angina
D. Diphtheria

3070. Most common presenting feature of nasopharyngeal cancer is :

A. Epistaxis
B. Weight loss
C. Dyspnoea
D. Cervical adneopathy *