1241. Eosinophilia is not seen in _________________-.

A. Hodgking’s disease
B. Mycosis Fungidies
C. Cushing Syndrome *
D. Rheumatoid arthritis

1242. All are features of hypereosinopilic syndrome except ____________.

A. Peripheral eosinophilia
B. Bone marrow eosinophilia
C. intestinal parasitism *
D. Tissue eosinophilia

1243. Eosinophilia is caused by all except _________.

A. Aspirin
C. Stress *
D. Ascariasis

1244. Which is not X linked recessive _____________.

A. Haemophilia
B. G6PD Deficiency
C. Thalassemia *
D. Colour Blindness

1245. Treatment of respiratory alkalosis is ____________.

A. IV sodium chloride
B. IV ammonium chloride
C. CO2 Inhalation *
D. IV arginine.

1246. In Oliguric phase of ARF, all are true except ___________.

A. Hyper calcemia *
B. Hyer Kalemia
C. Water retention
D. Hyper Phosphatemia

1247. Acne vulgaris is rare in ________.

A. Face
B. Scalp
C. Neck
D. Leg. *

1248. Angiokeratomas are seen in ____________.

A. Fabry’s disease *
B. Klinefelter syndrome
C. Carcinoid syndrome
D. All of the above

1249. Hyper pigmentation is not seen in _________.

A. Addison’s disease
B. Cushing’s disease
C. Grave’s disease
D. Hypothyroidism *

1250. Vitamin B6 Deficiency is caused by all except_____________.

A. Penicilamine
C. Cycloserine
D. Cyclosporine *