2461. The most frequent of spontaneous rapture of esophagus is _______.

A. Lower third *
B. Level of carina
C. Above level of cricoid
D. None of the above

2462. The hormone causing diarrhoea in Jollinge Ellison syndrome is ________.

A. Glucagon
B. Gastrin
C. Secretin *
D. Enterogastrone

2463. Most frequent complication of trunknal vagotomy is ________.

A. Esophageal preformation
B. Bleeding
C. Dysphagia
D. Splenic laceration *

2464. Villous adenomas of colon can produce _________.

A. Bleeding
B. Dehydration
C. Hypokalemia
D. Mucous diarrhoea
E. All of the above *

2465. The incidence of malignant degeneration assocaited with villous adenoma is ___________.

A. 5%
B. 20%
C. 36% *
D. 50%

2466. Colitis cystic profunda should be treated with __________.

A. Total colectomy
B. Subtotal colectomy
C. Chemotherapy
D. Local excision *

2467. Abdominal perineal resection is leas t effective in which of the following _________.

A. Squamous carcinoma of anus
B. Basle carcinoma of anus
C. Melanoma of anus *
D. Adenocarcinoma of anus

2468. What is true of genital condyloma __________.

A. Occurs only on vulva
B. Is due to herpes virus
C. May have malignant transformation *
D. Requires major surgery and resection

2469. What is true of varicose veins _________.

A. A cosmetic problem
B. Requires ultrasonography for definite diagnosis *
C. Leads to ulceration of skin
D. Surgery is curative

2470. Lymphoedema is best diagnosed by ___________.

A. History and physical exm *
B. Diplex sonography
C. Lymphangiography
D. Lymphoscintigraphy