2841. X-ray view for supra orbital fissure is ____________.

A. Towne’s
B. Caldwell *
D. Basal

2842. Ca that spreads earliest to lymphnode is __________.

A. Supraglottic *
B. Glottic
C. Infraglottic
D. Vocal cords

2843. Investigation of choice is juvenile angiofibroma is __________.

A. Angiography
B. CT *
C. Post rhinoscopy
D. Xray

2844. Conservative laryngectomy is done when growth is in ___________.

A. Pyriform fossa
B. Anterior commissure only *
C. Paraglottic spread
D. Supraglottic with extension to opposite side

2845. Excessive haemorrhage from tonsil lectomy is due to injury of _________.

A. External palatine artery
B. Ascending palatine artery *
C. Facial artery
D. Internal carotid artery

2846. Old diabetic with black nasal discharge with necrosed inferior turbinate is due to ________________.

A. Mucor mycosis *
B. Midline granuloma
C. Syphilis
D. Osteomyelitis

2847. Site of lesion in unilateral past pointing nystagmus is ____________.

A. Posterior semicircular canal
B. Superior semicircular canal
C. Flocculondoular lobe
D. Cerebellum *

2848. ASOM in children has higher complication when associated with __________.

A. H. Influenza
B. Pneumococcus *
C. Large adenoids
D. Perstans perforation

2849.. In malignant lesion of pyriform fossa pain is referred to ipsilateral earvia___________.

A. Vagus *
B. Glossopharyngeal
C. Accessory
D. Hypoglossal

2850. Acoustic reflex decay test is positive in ____________.

A. Cerebellar lesion
B. Midbrain lesion
C. VIII nerve lesion
D. Auditory cortex lesion *