1061. Smell of bitter almonds is suggestive of ___________.

A. Oxalic acid
B. Nitric acid
C. Hydrocyanic acid *
D. Sulphuric acid

1062. Fragmented medullary hair is found in _________.

A. Negrose *
B. Mongols
C. Caucasianes
D. Eurpians

1063. Hashish is produced from ________.

A. Leaves
B. Flowers
C. Stew
D. Resin exudate *

1064. Dying deposition is more important that dying declaration because it is _______.

A. Made to magistrate
B. Made on Oath
C. Made in presence of occused
D. cross examination premitted *

1065. a child of 7 Years has how many teeth?

A. 16
B. 20
C. 24 *
D. 28

1066.Filgrele burns are seen in ______.

A. Asphyxia
B. Electrocution
C. Lightening *
D. Iatrogenic

1067. Identical twins may not have_______.

A. Same DNA finger print
B. same finger print *
C. Same blood group
D Same HLA

1068. Best method for human identification is _________.

A. Anthropometry
B. Blood Group
C. Gustuffon’s formula
D. Dactylography *

1069. Important test for determining race is ________.

A. Ishiopubic index
B. Brachial index
C. Cephalic index *
D. Crural Index

1070. Exhumation limit in india is __________.

A. 2-3 Hours
B. 6-8 Hours
C. 8-12 Hours
D. No Limit *