951. A case presenting with a gray coloured pseudomembrane whose removal is difficult and painful, can be___________?
B. Diphtheritic lesion
C. Secondary stage of syphilis
D. Desquamative gingivitis

952. Sulfur granules in pus are seen in______________?
A. Candida albicans
B. Actinomyces Israelii
C. Nocardabraziliances
D. Histoplasma capsulatum

953. Delayed eruption of at least part of the dentition is a recognized feature of all of the following EXCEPT____________?
A. Rickets
B. Congenital hyperthyroidism
C. Cleidocranial dysplasia
D. Cherubism

954. Prolonged use of antibiotics in children can result in_________________?
A. Necrotising ulcerative gingivitis
B. Candidiasis
C. Actinomycosis
D. Aphthous ulcers

955. Oral thrush develops in infants at______________?
A. 6 days
B. 2-6 weeks
C. 10-12 weeks
D. 18 mouths

956. A patient is having severe mycotic infection diabetes mellitus and cellulitis is suffering with______________?
A. Mucormycosis
B. Histoplasmosis
C. Candidiasis
D. None of the above

957. Denture sore mouth is cased by________________?
A. Actinomyces
B. candida albicans
C. Blastomyces
D. None of the above

958. Candid infection is not seen in___________?
A. Median rhomboid glossitis
B. Geographic tongue
C. Oral thrush
D. Denture stomatitis

959. phycomycosis is also called______________?
A. Botryomycosis
B. Coccidiomycosis
C. phytomycosis
D. Mucormycosis

960. ID reaction is associated with______________?
A. aphthous ulcer
B. herpetic stomatitis
C. syphilis
D. candidiasis