1851. All are feature of primary haemochroma-tosis except______.

A. Arthritis
B. Sking pigmentation
C. Chorea *
D. Diabetes

1852. Endocrine manifestations of renal cell carcinoma are all except______.

A. Peptic ulcer *
B. Renin induced hypertension
C. Cushing’s disease
D. Gynaecomastia

1853. Hypomagnessemia is seen in all except ______.

A. Chronic renal failure *
B. Chronic alcoholism
C. Prolonged thiazide therapy
D. Giardiasis

1854. All are features of HUS except _______.

A. Uraemia
B. Haematuria *
C. Thrombocytosis
D. Segmented RBC

1855. Acromegaly is characterised by all except ______.

A. Enlarged nasal sinuses
B. Muscular hypertrophy
C. Increased heel pad thickness
D. Diabetes *

1856. In CRF all are seen except _______.

A. NA +
B. MG ++ *
C. Phospate
D. Metabolic acidosis

1857. Lung abscess is not a complication of _______.

A. Lobar Pneumonia
B. Broncho pneumonia *
C. Bronchiectasis
D. Malignancy

1858. Exudative pleural effusion is seen in all except _____.

A. Rhematoid arthritis
B. Lymphoma
C. Cirrhosis *
D. Dressler’s syndrome

1859. Most common predisposing factors for hepato cellular carcinoma in pakistan.

A. Aflaxtoxin
B. HBV *
D. Alcoholism

1860. Bronchial asthma is associated with raised levels of ______.

C. LTB4 *
D. Thromboxane