621. Which of the following lesions is NOT an infection from human papilloma virus ?
A. Verruca vulgaris
B. Focal epithelial hyperplasia
C. Condylomaacuminatum
D. Keratoacanthoma

622. A young pregnant woman presents with fulminant hepatic failure. The most likely aetiological agent is_____________?
A. Hepatitis B virus
B. Hepatitis C virus
C. Hepatitis E virus
D. Hepatitis A virus

623. Salivary protein, which prevents transmission of human immunodeficiency virus via saliva, is____________?
A. Sialo peroxidase
B. Secretory IgA
C. Salivary leukocyte proteinase inhibitor
D. Histidine rich proteins

624. Which of the following viruses appears to be involved in the pathogenesis of Kaposi’s sarcoma_____________?
A. Human Herpes Virus 3
B. Human Herpes Virus 1
C. Human Herpes Virus 8
D. Human Herpes Virus 4

625. Seroconversion in HIV infection takes place in______________?
A. 2 weeks
B. 4 weeks
C. 9 weeks
D. 12 weeks

626. Babu, a 28 year old male comes with complaint of exposure 3 wks back, having cervical Lymphadenopathy, Hepatosplenomegaly. Diagnosis of HIV is done by____________?
B. Western blot
C. P24 antigen
D. Lymph node biopsy

627. Anti Habbas indicates______________?
A. Resistance to hepatitis B
B. Acute infection
C. Good prognosis
D. Hepatocellular carcinoma

628. Presence of HBe Ag in Patients with hepatitis indicates_______________?
A. Simple carriers
B. Late convalescence
C. High infectivity
D. Carrier status

629. Which of the following does not go into chronic hepatitis stage ?