1491. CVP monitoring is helpful in __________.

A. Regulating speed and amount of infusion *
B. Decideing on rate of drug infusion
C. To know about Pawp.
D. No know of LVEDP.

1492. Long term steroid inhalation in asthma can lead to _______.

A. Cushing syndrome
B. Cataract
C. Oropharyngeal candidiasis *
D. Osteoporosis.

1493. Cranial nerve most commonly involved in ophthalmoplegis migraine is _______.

A. IInd
B. IIIrd *
C. IVth
D. VItn

1494. Anticoagulation is required in all except ____________.

A. MS with artial fibrilation
B. Post partum sagittal sinus thrombosis
C. Infective endocarditits *
D. Stuttering hemiplegia

1495. Food poisioning with shortest incubation period is due to ________.

A. S.aureus *
B. Botulism
C. Salmonella
D. CI perfringens

1496. Antinuclear antibodies is SLE cause __________.

A. Arthritis
B. Endocarditis
C. LE cells *
D. Skin rash

1497. Inverse supinator jerk indicates lesion at ________.

A. C3C4
B. C5C6 *
C. C7C8
D. T1

1498. Oroocuulogential syndrome occurs due to defeciency of ________.

A. Vitamin A *
B. Vitamin B1
C. Vitamin B2
D. Vitmain B12

1499. The bronchogenic carcinoma most likely to cavvitate is___________.

A. Adenocarcinoma
B. Squamous carcinoma *
C. Oat cell carcinoma
D. None of the above.

1500. Brainstem injury is due to which herniation__________.

A. Cerbellar tonsils
B. Hippocampal
C. Cingulate gyrus
D. Subfacine. *