1051. Getter’s test is helpful in the diagnosis of _____________.

A. Rape
B. Hanging
C. Strangalation
D. Drowning *

1052. What is not true of kerosene poisoning?

A. Gastric lavage contraindicates
B. Four occurs in initital few hours
C. Corticosteroid is the treatment of choice
D. X may shows pneumonitis even before clinical symptoms. *

1053. Ophitoxaemia refers to poisoning due to ___________.

A. Chemicals
B. Heavy Metals
C. Snake venom *
D. Toxic Fumes

1054. Golden hair indicates poisoning with ________.

A. Arsenic *
B. Lead
C. Copper
D. Gold

1055. Antemortem wound is characterised by presence of all except_______.

A. Gaping
B. Infiltration
C. Vital reaction
D. Chicken fat clots *

1056. Common site of rupture of hymen in virgin is ___________.

A. Anterior
B. Posterior
C. Antero lateral
D. Posterolateral *

1057. Preservative used for urine sample for chemical analysis is _______.

A. Formalin
B. Thymol
C. Fluoride *

1058. Antidote for amanita muscaria poisoning is _____________.

A. Norphine
B. Neostigmine
C. Atropine *
D. Diazepam

1059. Purple line vver gum is suggestive of poisoning with _________.

A. Lead
B. Silver
C. Mercury *
D. Copper

1060. All teh following tests are useful for seminal stains except__________.

A. Florence test
B. Barberio’s test
C. Acid phophatase test
D. Luminal test *