201. Prothrombin time is useful for_______________?
A. Detection of clot retraction
B. Platelet count
C. In hemophilia
D. For evaluation in a patient taking anticoagulant drugs

202. The conversion of prothrombin to thrombin, the factor participate along with calcium is______________?
A. Labile factor
B. Stable factor
C. Fibrin
D. Thromboplastin

203. What is the normal PH of human blood_____________?
A. 7.0
B. 7.2
C. 7.35 to 7.4
D. 7.6

204. Which of the following is not useful for coagulation______________?
A. Plasmin
B. Thrombin
C. Calcium
D. Fibrin

205. Mineral essential for Hb synthesis_______________?
A. Copper
B. Sodium
C. Potassium
D. Phosphorus

206. Differential white blood cell counts in the laboratory are useful in the diagnosis of_______________?
A. Anemia
B. Eosinophilia
C. Vitamin deficiency
D. Spherocytosis

207. The best screening test for hemophilia is_____________?

208. Bleeding time is prolonged in a person who_______________?
A. Has liver disease
B. Takes coumarin derivatives
C. Lacks factor VIII
D. Takes large quantities of aspirin

209. Secondary granules of neutrophils contain______________?
A. Lactoferrin
B. Catalase
C. Myeloperoxidase
D. Nucleosidase

210. Biconcave shape of RBC helps by___________________?
A. Increasing flexibility
B. Increasing surface area
C. Carrying more Hemoglobin
D. Passing easily through smaller capillaries