2271. Mass treatment for trachoma is recommended when its prevalece in children below 10 years is _________.

A. 5 % *
B. 10 %
C. 15 %
D. 20 %

2272. All are sexually transmitted except __________.

A. Endemic syphilis *
C. Gonorrhoea
D. Donovanosis

2273. Prime health care at grass root level is provided by ________.

C. VHG *
D. HW(m)

2274. All the following diseases are notifiable under WHO except_____.

A. Cholera
B. Polio *
C. Plague
D. Yellow fever

2275. Oral vitamin A prophylaxis is given to children above _______.

A. 2 months
B. 6 months *
C. 9 months
D. 1 year

2276. Cooking medium having highest amount of essential fatty acid is ________.

A. Sunflower oil
B. Safflower oil *
C. Coconut oil
D. Ground nut oil

2277. Limiting amino acid in wheat is _________.

A. Methionine and threconine
B. Lysine and tryptophan
C. Lysine and threonine *
D. Leucine and threonine

2278. Extended sickness benefit is provided for _________.

A. 91 days
B. 290 days
C. 309 days *
D. 420 days

2279. Which type of virus in OPV causes paralystic polio_________.

A. Type I
B. Type II
C. Type III *
D. All of the above

2280. Nalgonda technique is used for __________.

A. Removal of excess chlorine from water
B. Removal of excess of fluorine in water *
C. Removal of hardness
D. Removal of arsenic from water .