2041. Regarding poliomyelitis false is ________.

A. 60% have flaccid palsy *
B. normal sensorium
C. autonomic involvement
D. Fasciculations seen

2042. Antimongoloid slant, short stature, PS and undescended testis go with ___________.

A. Klinefelter
B. Nonan *
C. Fragile X

2043. Unilateral renal agenesis is associated with _______.

A. Hypogonadism
B. Hiatus hernia
C. Single umbilical artery *
D. Polycystic pancrease

2044. Breast fed child of 25 days develops jaundice-likely to be ______.

A. Biliary atresia
B. Breast milk Jaundice
C. Septicemia
D. Physiological Jaundice *

2045. Scaphocephaly is due to premature closure of _______.

A. Coronal suture
B. Sagittal suture *
C. Metopic suture
D. Lamdoid suture

2046. Most common posterior fossa tumor in children is ________.

A. Astrocytoma *
B. Medulloblastoma
C. Oligodendroglioma
D. Ependymoma

2047. All can cause precocious puberty in girls except ______.

A. Hypothalamic hamartoma
B. Mccune albright syndrome
C. Granulosa cell tumor
D. 21 hydroxylase deficiency *

2048. CHF is uncommon with _______.

B. TOF *
C. Coarctation

2049. Recurrent respiratory infection is seen in all except_______.

A. Reflux esophagitis
B. TOF *
C. Ataxia-telangiectasia

2050. Unconjugated hyperbilirubinemia is seen in all except _______.

A. Haematoma
B. Thallasaemia
C. Sclerosing cholangitis *
D. Breast Milk jaundice