761. All are true regarding glucose 6 phosphate deficiency except______________?
A. Hyperuricemia
B. Hyperglycemia
C. Defective cori cycle
D. Increased mobilization of glycogen from liver

762. Blood glucose level cannot be augmented by mobilization of muscle glycogen due to lack of_____________?
A. G-6-P dehydrogenase
B. G-6-P hydrogenase
C. Aldolase
D. Glucokinase

763. Galactosemia commonly is due to deficiency of_____________?
A. Galactose 1 phosphatase uridyl transferase
B. Galactose 1 phosphatase
C. Glucose 1 phosphatase
D. Glucose 6 phosphatase

764. In which type of glycogen storage disease is hyper uricemia a feature ?
A. I

765. McArdle’s disease is due to the deficiency of_____________?
A. Glucose 1 phosphatase
B. Glucose 1,6 phosphatase
C. Glucose 6 phosphatase
D. Myophosphorylase

766. An enzyme not involved in glycolysis is______________?
A. Enolase
B. Phosphoglycero mutase
C. Aldolase
D. Glycerophosphate dehydrogenase

767. Phosphofructokinase is the key enzyme of______________?
A. Glycolysis
B. Gluconeogenesis
C. Beta oxidation
D. TCA cycle

768. Which metabolite of TCA cycle is used in detoxification of ammonia in brain_____________?
A. Alpha ketoglutarate
B. Ornithine
C. Oxaloacetate
D. Glycine

769. In TCA cycle, citrate is converted in to after losing a molecule of H2O_____________?
A. Isocitrate
B. CIS aconitate
C. Oxaloacetate
D. Glutamate

770. In TCA cycle substrate level phosphorylation occurs at____________?
A. Succinate dehydrogenase
B. Malonate reduction
C. Thiokinase
D. None of the above