1821. Commonst lesion in middle mediastinum is __________.

A. Lipoma
B. Aneurysm *
C. Congenital cyst
D. Germ Cell tumor

1822. Macrocytic anaemia is caused by all except _______.

A. Liver disease
B. Orotic aciduria
C. Thiamine deficiency
D. Copper deficiency *

1823. Most common trisomy is __________.

A. 13
B. 18
C. 21 *
D. 15

1824. Ranson’s criteria for prognosis in acute pancreatitis are all except________.

A. WBC>16,000/CMM
B. Age>55 years
C. AST> 2500/100 Ml
D. S,amylase> 35010 *

1825. Splenectomy is most useful in _______.

B. Hereditary spherocytosis *
C. H.S purpura
D. Sickle cell anaemia

1826. True of hereditary spherocytosis are all except _____.

A. Osmotic fragility
D. Decreased surface area/ unit volume

1827. Sweet chloride is increased in all except ________.

A. Ectodermal dysplasia
B. G6PD deficiency
C. Nephrogenic diabetes inspidus
D. Obesity *

1828. Which of the following is not true regarding alpha fetoprotein_____.

A. Increased in fibro lamellar hepatic carcinoma
B. Pre operative high level indicates worst prognosis
C. High level in stomach carcinoma *
D. Not increased in hepatitis

1829. Maximum alpha feto protein increase is in ______.

A. Hepato cellular carcinoma *
B. Benign mature teratoma
C. Chorio carcinoma
D. Teratoma

1830. Myotonic dystrophy gene is coded in chromosome______.

A. 19 *
B. 20
C. 21
D. 22