281. Regarding Golgi tendon organ true is ______________?
A. Senses dynamic length of muscle
B. Involved in reciprocal innervation
C. a- motor neuron stimulation
D. Sense muscle tension

282. _________ is an example for rapidly acting neurotransmitter?
A. Somatostatin
B. Calcitonin
C. Substance P
D. Glycine

283. primary cause of bleeding disorder in liver damage is due to______________?
A. Decreased level of prothrombin
B. Lack of vitamin K
C. Platelet deficiency
D. Lack of vitamin B

284. Open faced nucleus in a cell signifies______________?
A. That the cell is resting
B. that the cell is active
C. nothing
D. that the cell is in transition phase

285. When a person lies down_______________?
A. There is immediate increase in venous return
B. Heart rate becomes stable at slightly more than normal
C. Cerebral blood flow increase & becomes stable at more than normal
D. Blood flow to the Apex of lung decrease

286. In a DNA molecule adenine always forms a linkage with______________?
A. Guanine
B. Cytosine
C. Thymine
D. Uracil

287. The oral and pharyngeal phases of swallowing take place very rapidly and last about______________?
A. 3.5 seconds
B. 1-1.5 seconds
C. 6.0 seconds
D. 9.5 seconds

288. The major functional difference between DNA and RNA is_____________?
A. RNA contains ribose
B. DNA carries the information in all organizations
C. DNA is localized in nucleus
D. RNA does not contain thymine

289. Most important function of albumin in body is_______________?
A. Oncotic pressure
B. Drug transport
C. Toxic transport
D. Coagulation

290. In peripheral tissues which of the following contains substance P______________?
A. Plasma cell
B. Mast cell
C. Nerve terminal
D. Vascular endothelium