1271. Negri bodies are found in ___________.

A. Hypothalamus
B. Hippocampus *
C. Mid brain
D. Medullah

1272. True of mumps are all except__________.

A. Multifocal tissue damage
B. Multiplies in respiratory epithelium
C. Spreads to parotid via stensen’s duct *
D. Incubation 18-21 days

1273. Uncommon in congenital rubella syndrome is ________.

A. ASD *
D. PS.

1274. Neurologoical complication in meaasles are all except __________.

A. Transverse myelitis
B. Enchephalitis
C. Optic Neuritis *

1275. CSF findings in asetic meningitis are all except ___________.

A. Normal sugar and protein
B. Oligoclonal bands
C. Clear in colour
D. Neutrophilia *

1276. Post influenze bacterial infection of lung is commonly caused by _______.

A. Staphylococcus *
B. Streptococcus
C. Pneumococcus
D. H. Influenza

1277. ACE inhibitors are not used in congestive heart failure resulting from_________.

A. Alcoholic cardiomyopathy
B. Mitral stenosis
C. Aortic stenosis *
D. Aortic regurgitation

1278. ECG changes of digitalis toxicity are all except _________.

A. Inverted P waves
B. Prolonged QT *
C. ST depression
D. Prolonged P-R.

1279. Multiple sinuses discharging from ingninal lymphnodes are seen in _____.

A. Chancroid *
B. Granuloma inguinable
D. Syphilis.

1280. Drug of choice in chlamydia pneumonae is ________.

A. Erythromycin *
B. Cefuroxime
C. Amoxycillin
D. Streptomycin