2861. Most definitive diagnosis of sinusitis is _______________.

B. Xray
C. Proof puncture *
D. Transillumination

2862. Pencillin treatment for streptococcal acute tonsillitis is for ___________.

A. 3-5 days
B. 5-7 days
C. 10-14 days *
D. 14-21 days

2863. Headache disappearing with sunset is with sinusitis involving ________.

A. Maxillary sinus
B. Frontal sinus *
C. Ethmoid sinus
D. Sphenoidal sinus

2864. The most common organism causing quinsy is __________.

A. Pneumococcus
B. Haemophilus
C. Streptococcus *
D. Stophylococcus

2865. Precancerous lesion of larynx is ____________.

A. Keratosis laryngis *
B. Pachyderma laryngis
C. Laryngis sicca
D. Sclerema

2866. Multiple papilloma of larynx -correct statment is ___________.

A. Viral origin
B. Common to children
C. Vocal cord usual site
D. All of the above *

2867. A 13 year old with 3 years history of gradual swelling of maxilla with medial displacement of turbinates and mild proptosis is ____________.

A. Fibrous dysplasia
B. Giant cell tumor
C. Olfactory neuroblastoma *
D. Angiofibroma

2868. Pus in acute parotitis points in external auditory canal through _________.

A. Arnold’s nerve
B. Tympanic branch of IX *
C. Facial artery
D. Any of the above

2869. Which carcinoma most commonly metastasises to cervial nodes

A. Cheek
B. Hardpalate *
C. Maxillary sinus
D. Posterior tongue

2870. ASOM in infants is due to _________.

A. Pneumococcus
B. Streptococcus
C. H. Influenza *
D. Staphylococcus