3151. Translation occurs in :

A. Mitochondria
B. Nucleus
C. Ribosome *
D. Microsome

3152. Post translation hydroxylation occurs in :

A. Tryosine
B. Thronine
C. Proline *
D. Alanine

3153. In mappe syrup urine disease there is excess excretion of :

A. Leucine *
B. Lysine
C. Methionine
D. Cystine

3154. Nitric oxide acts via :

B. cGMP *
C. Calcium channel
D. All of the above

3155. MgSO4 potentiates hypotensive effect of :

A. Hydralazine
B. Methyl Dopa
C. Nifedipine *
D. Enalapril

3156. Drug not to be given in hyperkalemia is :

A. Enalapril *
B. Acetionlol
C. Verapamil
D. Furosemide

3157. When a patient is on aspirin prophy-laxis prior to surgery :

A. Stop aspirin for 7 days before surgery *
B. Can perform surgery after platelet transfusion
C. Stop aspirin and continue to IV low molecular weight heparin during surgery
D. Proceed with surgery with good haemostasis

3158. Ace inhibitors are contraindicated in all except :

A. Angioedema
B. Hyperkalemia
C. Bilateral renal artery stenosis
D. Kimmelstel Wilson syndrome *

3159. Coronary steal is common with :

A. Atenolol
B. Nifedipine
C. Diltiazem
D. Dipyrdamol *

3160. Betablocker causing peripheral vasodilatation is :

A. Propranolol
B. Bisoprolol
C. Carvedilol *
D. Aetinolol