2171. Corpulence index measures_______.

A. Rich to poor ratio
B. Obesity *
C. Tronsmission of disease
D. Incidene of disease

2172. DTP in contraindicated in __________.

A. Family history of convulsion
C. Suspected or progressive neurological disease. *
D. Diarrhoea

2173. Health goal by 2000 AD are all except _____.

A. Family size 2.3
B. Birth rate 21 per 1000
C. IMR-60
D. Life expectancy -54 years *

2174. Chernobyl tragedy is an example of _________.

A. Slow epidemic
B. Point source epidemic *
C. Propagated epidemic
D. Continuous epidemic

2175. Chemoprophylaxis is not indicated in _________.

A. Cholera
B. Plagsu
C. Typhoid *
D. Bacterial conjunctivitis

2176. Mudaliar committes reconeudations are all except _______.

A. Strenghtening of existing PHC
B. To improve quality of health care
C. Constitution of act india health service
D. Each PHC to serve 80,000 *

2177. Vitamin E is absent in _________.

A. Wheat germ oil
B. Vegetable green oil
C. Milk *
D. Egg Yolk

2178. Disease not transmitted by culex mosquito is _________.

A. Japanese encephalitis
B. Bancroftian filariasis
C. West nile fever
D. Dengue *

2179. Mite cause _________.

A. Epidemic typhus
B. Endemic typhus
C. Scrub typhus *
D. Q fever

2180. Not under WHO sueveillance is ________.

A. Polio
B. Malaria
C. Influenza
D. Varicella *