531. Etiology of multiple neurofibromatosis is_______________?
A. Genetic
B. Viral
C. Injury
D. Endocrine

532. A man who had suffered from displaced fracture of mandible complains of pain in-old fracture site near mental foramen. There is a movable tender mass on palpation in the area The best preoperative diagnosis is_______________?
A. Neuroleiomyoma
B. Neurofibroma
C. Trigeminal neuralgia
D. Traumatic neuroma

533. Hodgkin’s disease is considered to be________________?
A. Follilcular reticulosis
B. Inflammatory disease
C. Chronic granulomatous disease
D. A malignant neoplasm

534. White rough pedunculated lesion on palate is most likely_______________?
A. Pleomorphic adenoma
B. Papilloma
C. Nevus
D. Fibroma

535. Which of the following is a reactive lesion of the gingiva that may demonstrate bone radiographically and often even microscopically_____________?
A. Osteoma
B. Peripheral ossifying fibroma
C. Traumatic neuroma
D. Irritation fibroma

536. The most common bone cancer is______________?
A. Osteosarcoma
B. Metastatic bone cancer
C. Multiple myeloma
D. Squamous cell carcinoma

537. Persons with the greatest risk of oral cancer_______________?
A. Have a poor oro-dental hygiene, nutritional deficiencies and are chronic alcoholics
B. Are middle aged have a poor oro-dental hygiene and regularly use tabacco
C. Are old, chronic alcoholics and regularly and regularly use tobacco
D. Are young, have poor oro-dental hygiene and are heavy smokers

538. Steriform pattern of fibrous tissue is seen in _______________?
A. Fibrosarcoma
B. Malingant fibrous histiocytoma
C. Nerufibroma
D. Ameloblastic fibroma

539. A 3 cm squamous cell carcinoma of the retromolar trigone and invading the mandible and the medial pterygold muscle is at what TNM stage____________?
A. Stage I
B. Stage II
C. Stage III
D. Stage IV

540. Papillomatous tongue is observed in____________?
A. Lymphangioma
B. Hyalinia cutus et mucosa syndrome
C. Fetal face syndrome
D. Tuberous scterosis