1161. Major Contribution to anion gap is from __________.

A. Albumin *
B. Sulphate
C. Lactic acid
D. Phophates

1162.” Saddle back” Pattern of temperature is seen in __________

A. Viral fever
B. Brucellosis
C. Enteric Fever
D. Dengue *

1163.Not seen in cardiac tamponade is ______________

A. Narrow pulse pressure
B. Irregular pulse *
C. Hypotension
D. Irregular pulse

1164. Giant “a” wave in JVP is seen in ________.

A. Tachycardia
B. First degree AV block
C. Complete heart block *
D. Atrial ectopic

1165. S1 has variable intensity in all except _________.

A. Artial fibrillation
B. Complete heart block
D. Ectopic beats.

1166. Pulsus alternans is seen in ___________.

A. Bronchial asthma
B. Congestive heart failure *
C. Severe AR

1167. Mediastinal shift occurs in ____________.

A. Lobar Peneumonia
B. Pneumothorax *
C. Emphysema
D. Fibrosing alveolitis

1168. Healing with calcification is a feature of ___________.

A. Aspergillosis
B. Histoplasmosis *
C. Cryptococosis
D. Mucor Mycosis.

1169. Carcinoma lung responding to chemaotherapy is ___________.

A. Squamous cell type
B. Oat Cell type *
C. Clear Cell type
D. Large Cell type

1170. “Woody leg” is seen in _____________

A. Osteopetrosis
B. Osteoporosis
C. Scurvy *
D. Ostemalacia.