1771. Features of cerebellar disease are all except________.

A. Ataxia
B. Past pointing
C. Hypertonia *
D. Intention tremor

1772. Which of the following is not seen in ARDS_________.

A. Hypercapnia *
B. Hypoxia
C. Stiff Lung
D. Pulmonary edema

1773. Spontaneous pneumothorax is seen in all except_______.

A. Marfan Syndrome
B. Eosinophilic granuloma *

1774. Wide onion gap is not seen in ________.

A. Acute Renal failure
B. Diabetic keto ocidosin
C. Lactic Ocidosin
D. Diarrhoea *

1775. Cyanosis with LVH occurs in _______

B. Tricuspid artresis *
C. Eisenmenger complex

1776. Lactic acidosis is not seen in _______.

A. Metformin therapy
B. Acute respiratory failure
C. Acute Renal failure *
D. Acute circulatory failure

1777. False negative tuberculin test is seen in _______.

A. Immuno deficiency
B. A typical Mycobacteriosis *
C. Miliary tuberculosis
D. 4-6 weeks after measles

1778. Drug of choice in phenothiazine induced dystonia is _______.

A. Metoclopramide
B. Benztropin *
C. Diphenhydramine
D. None of the above

1779. Pancreatic cholera is characterised by all except____.

A. Achlorhydria
B. Hypercalcemia *
C. Hypokalemia
D. Glucose intolerance

1780. All are radiological features of chronic corpulmonale except_______.

A. Prominent pulmonary artery segment
B. Kerley Lines *
C. Tubular heart
D. Peripheral prunning