971. Which of the following is related to an enzyme deficiency and involves periodontal destruction around primary teeth______________?
A. Hypophosphatasia
B. Cyclic neutropenia
C. Juvenile Periodontitis
D. Papillion Lefevre syndrome

972. Among pre-malignant oral lesions ______________?
A. Leukoplakia should be proved by biopsy
B. Leukoplakia does not disappear even after cessation of smoking
C. Erythroplakia has a higher risk for malignancy than leukoplakia
D. Oral submucous fibrosis is seen in all parts of the world

973. A lesion composed of microscopic vessels is called as ______________?
A. Haemangioma
B. Angioma
C. None of Haemangioma and Angioma
D. Hemangioma and Angioma

974. Which of the following is the diagnostic characteristic of peripheral giant cell granuloma ?
A. Mass of granulation tissue
B. Multinuclear giant cells
C. Keloid like enlargement
D. Epithelium is atrophic in some areas

975. In TNM classification T3 stands for tumour size _______________?
A. >2 cm
B. >4 cm
C. 4 cm with invasion of adjacent structure

976. What could be the most appropriate provisional diagnosis for multiple nodular exophytic reddish lesions of oral mucosa in an AIDS patient ?
A. Hemangioma
B. Focal epithelial hyperplasia
C. Acute pseudo-membranous candidiasis
D. Kaposi’s sarcoma

977. Leiomyoma is a tumor of ______________ ?
A. Cerebral tissue
B. smooth muscle
C. striated muscle
D. cardiac muscle

978. Which of the following is a pseudo cyst ?
A. Mucous retention cyst
B. Radicular cyst
C. Aneurysmal bone cyst
D. Dentigerous cyst

979. Metastatic disease to the oral region is most likely to occur in which of these locations ?
A. Tongue
B. Posterior maxilla
C. Posterior mandible
D. Floor of the mouth

980. An epithelial lining is typically found in all of the following except_______________?
A. Sinuses
B. Fistulae
C. Aneurismal bone cysts
D. Keratocytes