2581. What is not true of acute pyogenic osteomyelitis_________.

A. Trauma is a predisposing factor
B. Common infecting agent is staph aureus
C. Infection is usually blood borne
D. All are true *

2582. In children metaphysis is within joint capsule in _________.

A. Knee
B. Hip *
C. Shoulder
D. Elbow

2583. The sequestrum in x-ray appears __________.

A. Dense *
B. Light
C. Isodense as surrounding bone
D. Any of the above

2584. What is not true brodie’s abscess__________.

A. A form of chronic osteomyelitis
B. Intermittent pain and swelling
C. Common to diaphysis *
D. Excision is very often required

2585. What is not true of sclerosing osteomyelitis of Garre_______.

A. Commonly affects tibia in children
B. Diffuse bony enlargement confined to one side of shaft *
C. Antibiotics are helpful
D. No constitutional symptoms

2586. What is not true of bone and joint tuberculosis________.

A. Insidious onset
B. Destruction of epiphyseal cartilage *
C. Rice bodies in joint fluid
D. Usually monoarticular

2587. What is not true of gummatous lesion __________.

A. Painless
B. Moth eaten appearance
C. Sequestra formation *
D. Areas of sclerosis

2588. Immediate aims of amputation is ____________.

A. Removal of diseased tissue
B. Relief of pain
C. Primary wound healing
D. All of the above *

2589. Techniques of determine level of amputation include ________.

A. Doppler study
B. Oxygen tension measurement
C. 133 Xenon study
D. Skin fluorescent study
E. All of the above *

2590. Syme’s amputation refers to ___________.

A. Below Knee amputation
B. Above Knee imputation
C. Amputation through proximal calcaneus *
D. Amputation through mid tarsal joint