2971. IL2 is secreted by :

A. Fibroblast
B. T Lymphocyte *
C. Macrophage
D. Giant cells

2972. 2 Years after contacting syphilis, the test not to be diagnostic is :

A. FTAB test
B. CFT *
C. Haemagglutination test
D. Treponema pallidum immobilisation test

2973. RNA dependent RNA polymerase is present in :

A. Rhabdo virus *
B. Retro virus
C. Polio virus
D. Adeno virus

2974. Type IV hypersensitivity reaction is :

A. Serum sickness
B. Atopy
C. Arthus reaction
D. Granulomatous reaction *

2975. Spirochaetes are visible under :

A. Polar light with dark background *
B. Polar light with bright back ground
C. Phase contrast microscope
D. Electron microscope

2976. Plague assay for viruses is done routinely for :

A. Infectivity of virus *
B. Propagation of virus
C. Isolation of subtypes
D. Diagnosis of viral disease

2977. Most common vertically transmitted disease is :

B. CMV *
C. Rubella
D. Toxoplasma

2978. All are true of cryptococcus neofermans except :

A. Detection of capsular antigen in CSF is diagnostic
B. High antibody titre prevents recurrence *
C. Organism found in pigeon excreta
D. Immuno comprised is prone

2979. Human bite, may result in infection due to :

A. Anaerobic streptococci *
B. Staph aureus
C. Spirochaetes
D. H. Influenzae

2980. Sputum examination may be positive in all except :

A. Ascariasis
B. Ankylostomiasis
C. Paragonimiasis
D. Trichuriasis *