2351. Risk of cholangiocarcinoma is increased by all except ________.

A. Ulcerative colitis
B. CI. sinesis
C. Sclerosiag cholangitis
D. CBD stone *

2352. In IVC obstruction there is __________.

A. Prominent throa coepigastric vein *
B. Esophageal varices
C. Caput meduse
D. Haemorrhoids

2353. Suprasellar calcified mass in a child is most likely to be __________.

A. Astro cytoma
B. Meningioma
C. Craniopharyngioma *
D. Glioblastoma

2354. Commonest cancer of male in trophics is that of ________.

A. Colon
B. Rectum
C. Stomach
D. Oral cavity *

2355. First investigation in obstructure jaundice in __________.

A. US *

2356. Risk of GB cancer is increased by all except __________.

A. Chlonorchiasis
B. Ulcerative colitis
C. Chronic pancreatis *
D. Cholodochal cyst

2357. Nasopharyngeal carcinoma originates in _____________.

A. Fossa of Rosenmuller *
B. Posterior pharyngeal wall
C. Posterior end of septum
D. Superior meatus

2358. Paraneoplastic manifestations of bronchogenic cancer include all except __________.

A. Hyperkeratosis of palm and sole *
B. Acanthosis nigricanus
C. Cerebellar degeneration
D. Dermatomyositis

2359. Prognosis is soft tissue tumor is mainly influence by ________.

A. Grade of tumor *
B. Depth of invasion
C. Bulk of tumor
D. Lymphnode invasion

2360. Prognosis of breast cancer is mainly dependent upon__________.

A. Estrogen receptor status
B. Axillary node invasion *
C. Size of tumor
D. Skin infiltration