641. Type of Human papilloma virus associated with carcinoma cervix_____________?
A. Type 6,12,18
B. 16,18,31
C. 6,8,11
D. 3,10,19

642. The viral action is differentiated from bacterial action by_________________?
A. Interferon production
B. Toxin production
C. Lymphocytes production
D. Neutrophils production

643. What is the sequence which a retro virus follows on entering a host cell ?

644. True about prions________________?
A. Composed largely proteins without any nucleic acid
B. Phase in which virus cannot be demonstrated in host cell
C. Viruses which are genetically deficient
D. Viral components may be synthesized but maturation & assembling is defective

645. Pigs are important source of_____________?
A. Japanese encephalitis
B. Kuru
C. Yellow fever
D. Rabies

646. Herpes virus_____________?
A. Acquires its envelope from nuclear membrane
B. Acquires its envelope from nucleolar membrane
C. Acquires its envelope from cytoplasmic membrane
D. None of the above

647. The presence of Which of the following factors in viruses makes protective vaccines a possibility ?
A. Enzymes
B. Protein coat
C. Polysaccharide
D. Lipids

648. Certain viruses have been isolated in crystalline form and have been found to be_____________?
A. Nucleotides
B. Phospholipids
C. Scleroproteins
D. Nucleoproteins

649. The HIV virus can be destroyed invitro by which of the following_____________?
A. Boiling
B. Ethanol
C. Cidex
D. All of the above

650. Portal of entry of poliovirus in mainly_______________?
A. Gastrointestinal tract
B. Nasal mucosa
C. Lung
D. Skin