511. Arecanut chewing is aetiological factor in______________?
A. Leukoedema
B. Oral dubmucous fibrosis
C. Erythema multiforme
D. Oral lichen planus

512. Mobility of teeth in carcinoma of Maxillary sinus is due to involvement by tumor of_________________?
A. Anterior wall of the sinus
B. Posterior wall of the sinus
C. Roof of the sinus
D. Floor of the sinus

513. In which one of the following perineural invasion in head and neck cancer is most commonly seen ?
A. Adenocarcinoma
B. Adenoid cystic carcinoma
C. Basal cell adenoma
D. Squamous cell carcinoma

514. All of the following malignancies metastasize except____________?
A. Basal cell carcinoma
B. Adenocarcinoma
C. Squamous cell carcinoma
D. Melanoma

515. Small palpable mass elevated above the epithelial surface is_____________?
A. Papule
B. Macule
C. Plaque
D. Vesicle

516. Multiple punched out lesion are seen in__________?
A. Paget’s dissease
B. Osteosarcoma
C. Ewing sarcoma
D. Multiple myeloma

517. Teratoma is best describad as______________?
A. Namartous developmental manifestation consisting of three different layers
B. Occurs most commonly in stomach and lungs
C. Originates from mesodermal tissue
D. Associated with very painful condition

518. Onion Skin appearance of radiographs is seen in______________?
A. fibrous dysplasia
B. osteosarcoma
C. Ewing’s sarcoma
D. Chondrosarcoma

519. Which of the following is benign in nature_______________?
A. Lymphoma
B. lymphangioma
C. Melanoma
D. Leukemia

520. On clinical examination a 60 years old female had a tumor in the right buccal mucosa. The size of the tumor was about 2 cm in diameter. There was no involvement of regional lymph nodes and also had no distant metastasis The TNM stage of the tumor is____________?
A. T1 No Mo
B. T1 NI Mo
C. T1 N2 Mo
D. T2 No Mo