1111. Satellitism is used to identify__________________.

A. H. Influenzae *
B. M. Tuberculosis
C. Anthrax
D. Y. Petis

1112. Swarming growth characterises _____________.

A. CI. Welchii
B. C1. Tetani
C. Proteus *
D. B. Cereus

1113. Anaerobic cocci often cause_____________.

A. Endocarditis
B. Diarrhoea
C. Lung abscess *
D. Impetigo

1114. The best method to sterilize dressing powder is ___________.

A. Autoclaving
B. Hot air oven *
C. Inspissation
D. Tyndallisation

1115. M band is absent in _______________.

A. IgG myeloma
B. IgM myeloma
C. igA myeloma
D. Light chain disease. *

1116. The Process of transfer of information from DNA TO mRNA is called ________.

A. Transcription
B. Translation
C. Transduction *
D. Transformation

1117. Prolonged salmonella septicemia is caused by _________.

A. S. Typhi
B. S. Enteritidis
C. S. Choreae *
D. S. typhimurium

1118. M tuberculosis is differentiated from othe mycobacteria by ___________.

A. Niacin test *
B. AFB staining
C. PAS stain
D. None.

1119. Single standard DNA virus is _________________.

A. Parvo Virus *
B. Polio Virus
C. Arena Virus
D. Rabies Virus.

1120. Helminthic infection caused by skin penetration is for all except____________.

A. S. Stercoralis
B. N. Amenicanus
C. A. Duodenale
D. D. Medinensis *