1751. Pain sensitive structure in brain is _________.

A. Dura *
B. Pia
C. Arachnoid
D. Blood Vessels

1752. True of nitric oxide is _______.

A. Synthesized from orginine
B. Endothelium secretes it
C. Vasodilator
D. All of the above *

1753. Papillary necrosis is most common with__________.

A. Sickle cell disease
B. Acute pyelonephritis
C. Diabetic nephropathy
D. Analgesic nephropathy *

1755. Fragile x syndrome is characterised by all except________.

A. Large testes
B. Large ears
C. Long face
D. Large nose *

1756. Most common type of mendelian in-heritance is ______.

B. AD *
C. X-Linked recessive
D. X-linked dominant

1757. Risk factors for Alzheimer’s disease are all except______.

A. Head injury
B. Down Syndrome
C. Smoking *
D. Low education

1758. Features of peripheral neuropathy are all except______.

A. Diminished reflexes
B. Altered nerve conduction
C. Proximal weakness *
D. Glove stocking anaesthesia

1759. Defective mineralization of epiphyseal growth plate is seen in ____.

A. Rickets *
B. Osteomalacia
C. Scurvy
D. Osteoporosis

1760. In SACD of B12 deficiency all are seen except_______.

A. Costicospinal involvement
B. Posterior Column Involvement
C. Brisk ankle jerk *
D. Extensor plantar