3011. Irreversible choline esterage activator is :

A. Ecothiopate *
B. Ambenoniam
C. Neostigmine
D. Physostigmine

3012. Albendazole is not effective in :

A. Ascariasis
B. Neurocysticerocosis
C. Schistosmomiasis *
D. Strongyloidiasis

3013. Postural hypotension is seen with :

A. Nifidepine
B. Prazosin *
C. Nitrate
D. All of the above

3014. Drug not useful is neurocysticercosis is :

A. Albendazole
B. Mebendazole
C. Niclosamide *
D. Praziquantel

3015. False statement about adenosine is :

A. Given IV
B. Useful in PSVT
C. Drug interaction with disopyramide *
D. Selectively inhibits AV node

3016. Cherry red post mortem staining is seen in :

A. Asphyxia
B. CO poisoning *
C. Lead poisoning
D. Drowning

3017. Acute aresenic poisoning mimics :

A. Appendicitis
B. Bacillary dysentery
C. Cholera *
D. Botulism

3018. Post mortem caloricity is seen in :

A. Strychnine poisoning
B. Alchol poisoning
C. Sunstroke
D. All of the above *

3019. Gastric lavage can be done is poisoning due to :

A. Carbolic acid *
B. Sulphuric acid
C. Hydrochloric acid
D. Nitric acid

3020. Cervical canal is nulliparous is :

A. Transverse *
B. Longitudinal
C. Circular
D. Elipitical