2981. Enterotoxin is produced by :

A. Staphylococcus *
B. Streptococcus
C. Corynebacterium
D. Pseudomonas

2982. Histological type of lung cancer in non smoker is :

A. Squamous Ca
B. Adenocarcinoma *
C. Small cell carcinoma
D. Large cell carcinoma

2983. Diagnostic histological feature of benign hypertension is :

A. Fibrinoid necrosis
B. Hyaline arteriolosclerosis *
C. Intimal Sclerosis
D. Fatty streaks

2984. Cholangiocarcinoma is not associated with :

A. Ulcerative colitis
B. CBD stone *
C. Sclerosing cholangitis
D. Chlonorchis sinensis infecton

2985. All are true of PNH except :

A. Positive coomb’s test
B. Positive Ham test
C. Raised NAP score *
D. May lead to aplastic crises

2986. Serum Beta2 microglobulin is increased in :

C. Multiple myeloma *
D. Hodkin’s disease

2987. All are coagulative necrosis except :

A. Burn
B. Renal infarct
C. Tuberculosis
D. Zenker’s *

2988. Bilateral granular contracted kidney is seen in all except :

A. Chronic glomerulonephritis
B. Benign Nephrosclerosis
C. Tuberculosis *
D. Diabetic Nephropathy

2989. In Hodgkin’s disease , best prognosis is with :

A. Lymphocyte dominant *
B. Lymphocyte depleted
C. Nodular Sclerosing
D. Mixed Cellularity

2990. All the following predispose to gall stones except :

A. Oral contraception
B. Hypercholesterolemia
D. Primary Biliary cirrhosis *