2231. All the following are true of BCG vaccination except _________.

A. Maximum papule size is at 5 weeks
B. Heals within 6-12 weeks
C. Ulceration with crust
D. Supurative lymphadenitis *

2232. All are true of standarised mortality ratio except _______.

A. Ratio of observed death to expected death
B. Expressed as rate per year *
C. Can be adjusted for age
D. Can be used for events other than death .

2233. All are true of case control study except ______.

A. Sequence of events not known
B. Presence of bias
C. Many etiological factors can be studied
D. Several possible outcome can be studied *

2234. Prevention of tuberculous infection is measured by _______.

A. Tuberculin test *
B. Chest x-ray
C. Sputum microscopy
D. Sputum culture

2235. Term mild, moderate and severe are indicated as _______.

A. Normal variable
B. Interval
C. Ratio
D. Ordinate *

2236. The sum of all square of deviation from mean is _________.

A. Variance
B. Mode *
C. Mean
D. Standared deviation

2237. DDT acts as __________.

A. Repellant
B. Stomach poison
C. Contact poison *
D. Surface poison

2238. Denomination in perinatal mortality is _____________.

A. live birth *
B. Still birth
C. live birth + still birth
D. live birth – still birth

2239. Controlled tiping in method for disposal of ___________.

A. Sewage
B. Sullage *
C. Refuse
D. Human excreta

2240. Excessive crying after vaccination is with _________.

A. Measles
C. Polio
D. Dpt *